‘Why are my videos not playing’ is a common support request.  Most of the time the reason is a slow Internet connection.  I say most of the time because we have seen issues in the past that caused videos to not play or lock up but for the most part those application related issues are fixed and any problems with playback is typically associated with inadequate Internet bandwidth.

How do you know if you have a sufficient Internet connection?  There’s a way to test your Internet speed, and it’s free and works on both mobile devices as well as laptops and desktops   It’s a service called Speedtest.net available at this site and is also available as a free app for both Apple iOS and Android devices.    These links contain the URL and will take you directly to the appropriate store to download the app.

Internet speed is always expressed in two numbers – an upload number and a download number.   Since team members doing work on GoMentum will be viewing content like videos and listening to audio broadcasts, these are associates with the Download, so the first number is the most important.  Team Leaders will want to pay attention to both numbers as upload speeds will be important when it comes to publishing things like audio and video Team Talk messages.

I’m going to recommend that you run 3 separate tests and here’s my rationale:

Test #1 Check your office Wifi speed if you’ve never done it before.   Go to www.speedtest.net and Run the test from your laptop or desktop.   This will give you an idea of what you’ve got and that number becomes a benchmark for the other two tests.

Test #2 – Check your phones data speed over Wifi.    Here’s an important distinction we need to make at this point of the discussion.   You have to understand the difference between Wifi and Carrier Data and how that iconography is represented on your phone.

You can see in the Wifi image below the symbol next to the carrier name – that’s the universal symbol for Wifi and it means that you’re phone is using wifi for data.  The one below that is the same except that the phone is using LTE or Verizon LTE carrier data.

Download and install the app SpeedTest from Ookla onto your mobile phone now.   The third image below is what you’ll see if your phone is properly connected to the Internet.

Wifi Image 






Carrier Data Image 






Begin Speed Test on your phone here












Test #3 Check your phones speed over 3G/LTE carrier data

Because you may be using your carrier data to watch video’s or listen to Team Talk from time to time while you are out of the office and there’s no Wifi network available, it’s good to know what data speeds are available from your Wireless Carrier.   So run a Speedtest using your 3G or LTE carrier data in addition to the wifi test.  Do this by turning off the Wifi in your system settings.

The goodness is, once you have SpeedTest loaded on your mobile, you can run a test anytime you think you might have slow data speeds.

Laptop Results 

Download speed: 63.06 and Upload 5.38


Screenshot 2016-03-01 14.08.19






Wifi Test Results












As you can see below, my wifi download speed was 27.12 Mbps and my upload speed was 5.34.  That’s more than sufficient to view all content on GoMentum and upload in a timely manner.

Here’s the interesting thing – the mobile device was the same proximity to the Wifi router as the laptop yet the speed was less.  The moral of that story is there many variables when it comes to Internet Data speeds so going though this exercise is valuable.


Carrier Data Test Result

On the Carrier Data test, my download speeds were a little lower but my upload speeds are much higher.   Remember that unless you have unlimited data from your wireless carrier, you pay for your upload and download data usage so our advice is to take a mindful approach to using Carrier Data.












GoMentum Support Ranges

Speed Supported Details
< 1.0 Mbps Download No At this speed, there is not enough capacity in the Internet signal to stream the videos.   Also, at less than a MB download the upload speeds will be insufficient to support uploads as well.

In addition, GoMentum does refresh from our server periodically to update the DMO and other functions so this level of bandwidth may cause other issues as well.   

Between 1 – 5 Mbps Download Yes, but not guaranteed 100% This range will be hit – and – miss when it comes to streaming content and application usage.    
Between 5-15 Mbps Supported This range should allow you to stream videos with minimal interruption. Obvious the higher the Download speed the faster and cleaner the videos will play.   
> 10 Mbps Download Fully Supported Anything above this range should work fine.