What is more important to you – selecting a goal or achieving a goal?  Most will say achieving a goal.  After all, anyone can select a goal, that’s easy.  But achievement?  That comes from hard work, time, risk, courage, and did I say hard work?

Plus achieving goals make us feel: Good.  Proud.  Accomplished.  Satisfied.  Worthwhile.  Legitimate.  Noticeable.   All of these positive outcomes from goal achievement lead us down a path of selecting goals that are: Within Reach.  Easy.  Low-risk.  And these characteristics all combine to set goals that make achievements less satisfying, worth less, and unnoticeable.

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Perhaps the most important step is selecting a goal that will truly be satisfying, worthwhile, and noticeable.  It’s all about your real intention and your real goal.  Aim carefully.  Aim carefully.
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