One of my goals this week was to read through blogs, websites, and chat forums to gain some insight into the problems and concerns of network marketers.  I want to hear what people are experiencing and a few common themes surfaced:

“I’m frustrated.  I have worked like crazy to get people signed up, but they are not doing anything.”

“I have brought so many people into the business it now feels like I spend my days herding cats.  Whenever I leave them alone, they stop working on the business.”

“My sponsor got me all excited about the business, but now he’s not returning my calls.”

“I meet with my new team members, we agree on a plan of what we are going to do next, but they just don’t do it.  There is always an excuse.”

As I reflect on these frustrations, it occurs to me that maybe part of the problem is our expectations.  Naturally, when we get someone to join our teams we expect them to be excited, to work the business, and to follow-through.  But the truth is we may not know why they really joined the business or what is really happening in their life today.  And the large question then becomes – is it realistic to think everyone will “get it”?

What would happen if we changed our mindset about new members?  What if we thought of them as a potential “player”, a potential “go-getter”, but not expect everyone to be a rock star right out the gate.  For some, it takes time, experience, and alignment with the rest of their life.

That said, we know this: everyone knows people.  Even if your new recruit is not ready for prime time, they know people.  Successful network marketers will embrace the opportunity to explore the possible connections that a new team member can bring to the table.  They may not be ready, but they may know someone that is hungry for the business.  Work with them to explore their list.

If you can change your mindset from “everyone must be a rock star” to “everyone knows a potential rock star” you just might find one.
Thanks for listening.  Dan.