The three pillars is a nice metaphor for describing the building blocks of success.  These foundational items, Build Your Business, Build The Team and Build Yourself, cannot be ignored for they exist whether you acknowledge them or not. Being aware of them, however, isn’t a ticket to RockStardom and wheelbarrows full of cash either.  It all begins with activity.

In the 80s I accepted my first sales job with a large insurance company and they immediately sent my class of new recruits to the Larry Wilson School of Learning, aka sales training.  While I didn’t stay on the sales career path for more than a few years, it was an invaluable education that I continue to use to this day.  One of the things they told me was that everything begins and ends with activity.  Daily activity.

Your DMO, your Daily Method of Operations, is that very activity (or lack thereof, whatever the case may be) that will surely carry you to success or let you down flat.  It’s that simple.  Larry Wilson,  a one-time shoe salesman who excelled at insurance sales and eventually global business leadership, understood the power of having a DMO.

GoMentum uses The Three Pillars as a contextual view of your DMO.  When I say your DMO, I mean exactly that.  While GoMentum comes with a default DMO,  the system was created so that any DMO can be configured.  Yours or one that you create specifically for your team.

By starting your new recruits out on standardized program of consistent daily activity, you can rest assured that if they do what the system compels them to do, every day, that the chances of their success, and vis-a-vis your success, goes up astronomically.

The power of regular daily activity cannot be overemphasized.  GoMentum was created specifically for people who want to build their own business and have made the commitment to doing what it takes.   Stay tuned for more posts about Building The Team and Building Yourself.