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Texting has become one of the fastest growing and most widely accepted methods of generating interest in both the products as well as the new business opportunities.   It’s non-invasive – particularly if you know the person well, less intimidating than a phone call and more immediate than sending someone an email.  People generally respond well to text messages.

GoMentum has a built in feature that allows the you to send text messages to your prospects using pre-programmed texting phrases, or as some like to call them – Power Lines. These are short, powerful phrases in the form of statements and questions that are designed to get someones attention fast so they can respond quickly and you get that appointment with little or no anxiety and minimal push back from your prospect.

GoMentum interacts with your phones native texting application so you see all the previous text messages you may have sent to this prospect.  The texting phrases can be configured to accommodate your specific products or you can simply used the default phrases that come with the application.   This short video will give you a solid overview of how this powerful new business development feature works.