As a Team Leader, You Will Probably Hear This From Your Team...

I Am So Excited About This Business

You Might Not Hear What Happens When They Go Home

I forget, where do I start? I'm getting frustrated.

Wouldn't it be great to send an audio or video message to everyone on your team whenever you wanted.

“Hey everybody - did you complete your DMO today? There’s still time to qualify for Cancun!”

“Guess who qualified for the big bonus - you are the best!”

“Heather and Steve have two new Diamonds this month, let's congratulate them!”

Your messages have the power to change their world.

Team Talk - There’s nothing like It.

Found only on GoMentum

Team Talk


Team communication that feels personal! Bring your Team to life with Team Talk.

With Team Talk, you can communicate with your entire Team, without limits, using audio and video messages. Team Talk keeps your Team engaged and lets you guide them to greater success.

Take control with Team Talk. Reach more people on your Team. Build community, foster Team spirit, and keep your Team working in synch to create duplication. Your team thrives on your Leadership. Fill them with hope, inspiration and training every day.

With Team Talk, you can personally reach every single member of your organization every single day.

Share the Vision

Leverage your leadership across the entire organization


Communicate to the Masses

Messages delivered in your voice on your schedule

Motivate, Inspire, Coach

Help everyone belong to something great


Hear from your field and enhance your leadership


Highlight promotions, accomplishment and success stories

Share Information

Events, dates, deadlines, news, everything!

Core Features

Reach Entire Downline


Team Talk is a broadcast messaging feature found only on GoMentum.  It lets you personally send a text, voice or video message directly to each and every person in your downline.





Send an Audio Message


Send an audio message when you want to inspire, motivate or simply get your words out to the team. When you don’t want any mis-communications of your message make sure to use Team Talk with everyone on the team.




Save Messages As Favorites


Keep those valuable words of wisdom close at hand! Team Talk lets you and your team save messages as favorites from either messages that you sent or those you received.



Send a Text Message


Need to send a quick bit of information to the team – send a text only message using Team Talk.  It takes only seconds to do and everyone who’s in your downline will get it within minutes.



Send A Video Message


Video messages can deliver more power to your communications. Record video message right on your mobile phone or upload one that’s been previous recorded.  Deliver your multi-media messaging to everyone person in your downline.


Receive Messages from Team


Team Talk allows anyone in your organization to send a custom message to you.  Their message won’t go to anyone else on the team unless you decide to forward to everyone.  Nice, huh.


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