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Your GoMentum content team will be introducing the concept of soft skills into the Leader Lessons and Micro Lessons starting next month; we’ll also be providing additional material through our blog so check back often to see if we’ve updated with anything new.

So what are soft skills and how do they differ from hard skills?  Very simply soft skills are those skills that more resemble personal attributes than something you can learn from a book or a course.  I can teach you math and the same rules apply every time.  I can teach your about Empathy and because the dynamics are totally different — a soft skill like empathy is really difficult to measure.

According to Lei Han, Career Coach, soft skills are unique for the following three reasons:

  1. The rules for mastering the skill are not black and white.  Like the example above, Empathy is a skill that’s highly sought after in the workplace because it’s not innate and it’s not always intuitive.  It always depends on things like emotional states, external circumstances and the fact that everyone is different.  There’s not a defined path or clear outcome.
  2. The skills are portable and valuable.  At the end of the day, Network Marketing or Direct Sales is all about people.   Influencing, interacting, networking, leading, and the list goes on and on around a significant number of scenarios that require a solid base of basic soft skills.
  3. Mastering the list is an ongoing journey. Unlike classes like Accounting 201, learning soft skills is a journey that lasts a lifetime.

Once you’ve nailed all the industry specific training, learned your comp plan, learned all the nuts and bolts about your companies products, it’s time to look inward and begin the journey of self discovery that will enable you to take all that academia and sculpt it into a dynamic and thriving enterprise.  Your business depends on your ability to learn and master a set of skills that don’t have defined edges, that require constant adaption and adjusting to new and different circumstances, and that will pay dividends for a lifetime once you’re made the commitment to learn them.

Visit Ms. Han’s website at the link above and you’ll see the various skills she’s got listed and how she’s broken them down.  If you’re so inclined, do a search on the term soft skills.  Some lists are short and some are long, there’s some overlap on the published skill set, but everyone seems to agree on the fact that these are important and deserve your time and attention.   We agree.