I remember stages in my life when I simply reacted to the world. Things happened and I reacted how I thought I should have. New boss? I reacted accordingly. Relationship soured? Again, I reacted. Opportunity presented? I did what people thought I should. I don’t know if it was overconfidence as in “I can handle whatever comes my way” or if I was just being lazy. Life felt like a series of problems followed by a series of things I was pushed to do in reaction. It’s like what my mother used to say, “If it’s not one thing, it’s another.”

In my last blog, Life Dreams, I discussed giving life to your dream for the future by defining it in detail over a period of time.  Once the vision of your dream becomes clear and you become committed to achieving it, that vision begins to pull you.  It’s yours, so suddenly you are allowed to be you, not what people think you should be.

The vision of your dream creates a framework for decision-making and actions as you naturally begin to move toward your vision by choosing to take actions that align with and lead to realizing your dream. Even when forced to react, you will choose to react in a way that aligns with you and your dream. If your vision is strong and you are passionate about it, it’s like gravity. You cannot escape the pull of it. Over time, that’s how dreams come true.

It’s your choice.  You can be pushed towards what the world says you should be or you can be pulled to what you want to become.

Want more? Listen to Ed Kelly talk about Problem Push and Vision Pull (4 minutes).


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