When you’re recruiting new business builders, the promise of Network Marketing about freedom of time, freedom of money, freedom of lifestyle is a strong draw—particularly for those who really don’t like what corporate America has to offer today.  And make no mistake, the promise of Network Marketing is real—but it only works for people who can master the techniques as taught by their upline and then master themselves as a true example of what team leadership should be.

GoMentum is the platform for delivering  on that promise.  It combines the major success factors from across Network Marketing and delivers very tangible and real-world benefits for new distributors and seasoned veterans alike.

For starters, how about shorter learning curves and ramp up times for new business builders.  When you’ve got someone who’s expressed an interest in the business, you’re really obligated to do whatever you can to help that person get off to a solid start.  Fast Start comes with a default set of training video’s that can get a new distributor up and running in 72 hours.   But that’s only part of the story because Fast Start is fully customizable with the ability to add company or team specific video training to supplement or replace the default training.

Think about how much time you’ve spent coaching and mentoring eager and motivated people only to watch them slowly relegate themselves to the status of product user.  It’s not so much the wasted time and effort as it is the fact that you really believed that these people had what it took to make it.   GoMentum gives you back countless hours of productivity by increasing the probability of success dramatically and therefor lowering rates of attrition over time.  This adds up more sustainable and predictable monthly income.

Increasing the probably of individual success increases the overall success factor for the business, as well.  Once the GoMentum system has been implemented, lower attrition rates combine with greater team coherence and ultimately greater team Product Volume to create a more stable and valuable enterprise.  At the end of the day, if one tool can combine all the necessary success factors into one mobile app that can be shared with everyone on your team, costs only pennies per day and delivers truckloads full of real world benefits, doesn’t this sound like something worth checking out?

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