The concept of Ownership has always intrigued me.  I’m not talking about ‘stuff’ ownership.  Stuff is a commodity and while you think you own something it can still be taken away from you in a heartbeat.   What I’m talking about is the kind of thing that can’t be taken away.  The type of ownership I’m talking about here is a mindset, it’s an intangible more valuable than any stuff.

When you own something, it means you take full responsibility for it.  You’re the name on the business plan, the org chart and the P&L.  It’s you who get’s the credit when things go right and blame when things go wrong.  This is of particular importance in the network marketing business because behind every single successful business is a person or persons who took ownership and made the business happen.  They made a commitment by saying I or We own this and if we don’t do it nobody else will.

That doesn’t mean they didn’t have help.  There’s a difference between accepting help and abdicating responsibility.   Getting help is knowing where to go when you need something to get to the next level but your eyes never leave the road.  The person who gives up their responsibility by asking someone else to ‘do it’ is inevitably going to end up in the ditch.

Nothing happens in today’s world that’s not touched by someone else.  Who knows how many thousands of people were involved in bringing you the shirt that you’re wearing right now.  From the people that grow the cotton, to the farm labor, logistics, manufacturing, retail and the chain goes on.  And there’s ownership opportunities at every step of the way that mean the difference between a great shirt and one you decide not to buy again.

GoMentum is a mobile app that let’s you fully embrace the concept of ownership.  It puts you and your business in constant contact every minute of every day on the very device that you use most often—your mobile phone.  Every feature was designed with Ownership in mind, from the Fast Start training to the customizable DMO, though and including Team Talk messaging and online Leadership Training.  And as a Team Leader, when you tell your new distributors to download GoMentum because this is how we train, how we communicate and how we expand, they too will understand the concept of ownership.

All the best,