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Boston, September 15, 2015 — Leaderclips Inc., a unique online leadership training organization, announces that their mobile solution for Network Marketers, formerly known as Momentum, will now be known as GoMentum and will be available internationally.   Earlier this year, Leaderclips launched Momentum, a comprehensive platform for creating duplication within network marketing teams in the US market.

Dan Hoover, COO of Leaderclips, and the creator of the application said, “The GoMentum brand better represents our solution today and will uniquely identify our offering as we expand into international markets.  Based on overwhelmingly positive customer feedback we are continuing to expand our current solution and its road map of features and functions.”

GoMentum is designed to break through the cycle of high attrition and endless recruiting by providing a completely customizable platform delivering uniform training, team communication and a sense of community through the distributors’ mobile devices.  The end result will be more distributors achieving higher levels of success, in all areas, than is currently common in the industry today.

Peter Sage, internationally recognized Expert on Entrepreneurship and Human Behavior and Founder of Sage International, a European based personal growth and development organization had this to say about GoMentum.  “GoMentum is a total game changer and the single most significant technological development to hit the Network Marketing industry since the Internet.”

GoMentum is currently available from the Apple App Store and the Google Play store in the US, UK, Canada, South Africa and the UAE with more countries to follow.

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