GoMentum – The Ultimate Team Building Tool

An introduction to the GoMentum System.

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How GoMentum Promotes Duplication


Learn how GoMentum creates duplication across any size team.

Team Talk – The Real Game Changer


Reach every single member of your team every day.

GoMentum – A System Overview

The Details Revealed in 90 seconds.

Getting a Fast Start


How does GoMentum get new distributors started?  Watch this sample Welcome video.

We will help you create a Fast Start series that is just right for your team.

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Team Talk

Team Talk is a broadcast messaging service that lets you communicate directly with every single member of your downline using text, audio and video messaging. There’s nothing else like it in the industry.

Team Talk – A Deeper Dive

Lead your team in ways never before possible.

Learn More About Team Talk

Team Talk is the most powerful broadcast communication tool in the industry.   Learn even more about this game changing team communication tool.

Amplify Your Personal Leadership Abilities

Lead your Team to greater success with little change in your daily routine. GoMentum gives you the tools you need to align your team on your system of operation, get them in synch, moving in the same direction, working together toward shared goals and celebrating a common purpose.


GoMentum delivers your system to everyone on your Team.


GoMentum empowers you and your inner circle to personally coach and train more people.



GoMentum allows you to speak personally to everyone on your Team multiple times a day.


You create the vision and show them what’s possible. GoMentum allows you to reach more people with your leadership messages.