In my recent blog posts (Why Do We Work?Life Dreams and Push or Pull) I outline a path toward creating the ideal life for you. Evaluating your current work, spending some time dedicated to developing your dream life, and then holding that dream in place as a framework for decision-making. So far, we are on the path to our dream life and subconsciously our minds will begin to steer us toward the life we want.

But we know this is a journey of many steps.  And we can crisscross our way to Nirvana over a long period of time or we can shorten the route by taking careful action.  Think of action as steps that can be big—meaning they contain higher risk, or they can be smaller steps to reduce our risk within our comfort zone.

Most of us are not financially independent and we are supporting our life by working in some capacity, and will need to continue to earn money even in our dream life.  As an example, starting your journey by leaving your job would be a high-risk endeavor.  Most would not do it and I would not recommend it.  But there are many other options to shorten the path to your dream life, even if your current job is not in your final picture of happiness.

We may be trading our time for money today but not all of our time.  Listen to Robert Kiyosaki share some ideas about taking that first action step toward your better life.

It’s all about taking actions to shorten the route and get you closer to the life you desire.  It’s about keeping the dream real.  Next week, I’ll discuss some options that are superior to the trading time for money model.
Until then, keep it real and alive.