In our first article titled How to Influence and Ultimately Change Behavior Part 1, Dan Hoover reviewed the book The Influencer that teaches how to master six sources of influence from psychology, social psychology, and organizational theory.   They are:

Personal Motivation: Help Them Love What they Hate. Work to connect vital behaviors to intrinsic motives.
Personal Ability: Help Them Do What They Can’t. Build personal ability to do behaviors through deliberate practice

Social Motivation: Provide Encouragement
Social Ability: Provide Assistance

Structural Motivation: Change Their Economy. Attach appropriate incentives or sanctions to motivate people to pick up or stop vital behaviors.
Structural Ability: Change Their Space. Things such as systems, process, reporting structures, visual cues, work layouts, tools, supplies, and machinery support vital behaviors.

The GoMentum System delivers on the Ability elements of influence.  We’ll cover those below and they are:

2 – Personal Ability:  daily practice using the DMO and education through Leader Lessons

4 – Social Ability:  Team Talk provides daily assistance directly from the team leader

6 – Structural Ability:  the mobile platform in GoMentum delivers the system, process, and tools to facilitate change.

GoMentum was designed as a productivity enhancing platform for Network Marketing professionals, a platform designed to contain a team leader’s system.  Team leaders can leverage this technology by simply deploying GoMentum across their organization after customizing the Fast Start training, the DMO and team leadership training to meet their own standards and content requirements.  This allows for the systematic delivery of these vital functions across the organization with no time and resource commitment from leadership;  this significantly increases productivity while keeping costs low.  In other words, what used to take hours and weeks and cost a lot of money now happens automatically.

Personal Ability
One of the characteristics of the effective team leader is having the skill to coach others through the process of understanding and developing their own personal ability.  GoMentum is designed with this in mind as it’s loaded with features and functions like a built-in DMO (Daily Method of Operations) for daily activity planning and Leader Lessons for personal leadership growth and development.

Social Ability
Based on emergency first-responder technology – Team Talk is a unique and highly effective team broadcast messaging service that allows Team Leadership to deliver concise messaging in text, audio and video to every single member of the downline regardless of team size.  Having the right message delivered to everyone at once not only cuts down on costs but also increases efficiencies across the entire team.  It allows the leaders to establish the team culture.

Structural Ability
Today’s business environment is in a constant state of change and GoMentum was created as a platform for managing this change through the consistent delivery of systems and processes necessary to unite an organization with common tools and practices.  This brings an overall level of standardization to organization not available without this common framework.

All of this adds up to the fact that GoMentum delivers unparalleled value to Team Leaders who desire an elevated level of standardization in order to maximize their effectiveness in a leadership role.

Herding cats has never been easier.

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photo credit: ©John Roach 2015