Your ability to influence others is critical to your success as a Network Marketer.  It’s how you build teams, move the product and grow your business.  Influencing means getting people to change; change the way they do things, change their mind, change all sorts of things that they might say they want to do but the reality is—it’s often very difficult, sometimes too difficult which is why the levels of attrition are so high in Network Marketing.

As a Team Leader, you may be faced with convincing people to: become a network marketer, join your company, join the team, buy products, use tools, call people on the phone and ask them to join.  Suffice it to say it’s a long list.

It’s one of those good news bad news scenarios.  Here is the bad news; change isn’t happening.

-The Standish Group says we spend $2 billion a year on diets, but 19 of 20 people lost nothing but their money. 

-Stanford studied the top 3 diets available and found that they all work… if you stick with them. But almost nobody does. 

Here’s the good news; there are tools to help.  

If influencing others to change their behavior is key to your success as a network marketer let’s spend some time with the experts on “making change happen”.

One of the best resources on understanding what it takes to make change happen is the book Influencer, the New Science of Leading Change.

Influencer stresses the importance of leadership in helping others manage their own change.

Everyone can see an iceberg above the waterline; leaders need to understand and address what is below the waterline

One of the authors, David Maxfield states,

“There are two forces at play here. Those things like technology, tools, and skills are above the water line. You can see them. But then there is everything below the water line: The cultural norms, what people do, the internal politics, indifference, passive aggressive followers, all the things you have to do to get things done. Change stops when it hits the iceberg below the waterline.” 

The Influencer teaches how to master six sources of influence from psychology, social psychology, and organizational theory:


  1. Personal Motivation: Help Them Love What they Hate. Work to connect vital behaviors to intrinsic motives.
  2. Personal Ability: Help Them Do What They Can’t. Build personal ability to do behaviors through deliberate practice


  1. Social Motivation: Provide Encouragement.
  2. Social Ability: Provide Assistance


  1. Structural Motivation: Change Their Economy. Attach appropriate incentives or sanctions to motivate people to pick up or stop vital behaviors.
  2. Structural Ability: Change Their Space. Things such as systems, process, reporting structures, visual cues, work layouts, tools, supplies, and machinery support vital behaviors.

Maxfield continues,

-“People who see and use all six sources of influence are 10 times more likely to change and create change.”

-“We all think we have the power to change just through our force of will. We know we should change. We want to change. But we don’t change!”

-“That calls into question the belief that we actually do have power to change on our own. We call it agency.”

If people do not have the power to change on their own, as leaders we need to help them by working on all six sources of influence.

Network Marketing companies do great work on the Motivation items (1 3 & 5), but Team Leaders need to step up to help with the Ability side of the equation (2 4 & 6).

The GoMentum System delivers on the Ability elements of influence:

2 – Personal Ability:  daily practice using the DMO and education through Leader Lessons

4 – Social Ability:  Team Talk provides daily assistance directly from the team Leader

6 – Structural Ability:  the mobile platform in Momentum delivers the system, process, and tools to facilitate change.

The next blog entitled How to Influence and Ultimately Change Behavior – Part 2, we take a deep dive into how the GoMentum System delivers a robust solution for Team Leaders who want to effect positive and lasting change within and across their team.

For a deeper dive, here is the article referenced for this post:  https://www.kenkrogue.com/best-practices/6-keys-to-change-management-vitalsmarts-bestsellers-influencer-and-change-anything-even-explain-how-to-lose-weight/

Here’s to your success.