After reflecting on the limitations of the traditional job we arrive at the question: what is the alternative? If a job has a ceiling on earnings, limits our free time, and contains the ever-present risk of job loss then what are we to do? Are there other options?

Yes, there are options but let’s be clear—jobs are not all bad. A good job can teach you valuable skills like how to deal with people, how a business works, and so much more. We should take advantage of every opportunity to learn and grow that a job presents. And we can all agree on one thing: jobs pay the rent.

Let’s take a look at a few aspects of your current job that might be in conflict with your dreams.

Earnings.  Your dream might include establishing a foundation for helping children abandoned by drug addicts and your research indicates achieving your dream will require much more money than your job will ever produce. Or it could just be that you want to live a life style that requires more income than your job produces.

Time.  Your dream life might include travel, time with family around the world, or supporting a favorite cause. All require more than the 3 weeks vacation offered by your employer.

Security.  Perhaps you live in such fear of losing your job that the fear affects other aspects of your life in a negative way.

If your job aligns with your dreams and you are comfortable with all the limitations discussed, you’re good! Stop here. Don’t worry.  Be Happy. What if, however, you yearn for more.  What if your dream for this short life cannot be fulfilled given the constraints of your job; then what do you look for?

Spend some focused time thinking about each of these items in relation to your current job. Assess the impact on your dream life and try to imagine if these constraints were removed, how would it affect you. Would it move you closer to realizing your dream life?

Searching for the right answer may take some time, but if the ‘pull’ of your dream is strong enough to move your desire beyond the limitations and constraints and risks, it just might be worth it.  So stay engaged with your current job and get the most out of it, but put as much of your free time as possible toward planning a transition to your dream life.

My next post will outline some options that you might consider as a viable alternative to the traditional J.O.B.

Thanks for listening.  Dan.