Anytime I hear how ‘easy’ something is I automatically think there’s a catch.  And why not, isn’t that how it usually works.  Somebody says how ‘easy’ something is and it turns out to be a monumental effort that costs a small fortune.

I say usually because not everything goes down that road.   And this is particularly true for the GoMentum system, because GoMentum is easy to understand, simple to use and delivers amazing results when large teams of people follow it’s prescriptive guidance.   In other words, GoMentum provides for the creation and sustainment of duplication regardless of team size, industry or level of experience.  It simply creates a framework for success by ensuring that everyone is doing the right things, all the time.

Duplication is made easy on GoMentum because four key components work together to bring even the most disconnected team into a state of uniformity.   Think of these as four critical success factors.  By implementing the GoMentum system across your entire team, you can standardize on these four key areas allowing the power of GoMentum to create and maintain a culture of leadership and growth.  These four critical success factors are:

  1. A common video training platform called Fast Start
  2. A Daily Method of Operations (DMO) ensuring consistent daily activity
  3. A broadcast messaging feature called Team Talk that ensures team leader messages are sent in a consistent and uniform manner to every single member of the downline
  4. A leadership training feature called Leader Lessons that delivers high quality video training from today’s leading expertise the field of leadership training and personal development

Any combination of these four elements is necessary for success in Network Marketing and we’ve combined all four into one simple and easy to use mobile app that’s always with you and everyone on your team.

The real question, then, is “what does this mean for the network marketing team leader?”  My next blog post will outline exactly what GoMentum actually delivers in terms of real world benefit.   Until next time, thanks for reading and here’s to your success.