When you board an airplane, at some point prior to takeoff the nice flight attendant will tell you all about the important safety features onboard the airplane.  They will also tell you in case of an emergency, put on your oxygen mask before attempting to help anyone else.  There’s a reason for this: unless you are ok, you can’t help anyone else.   That’s why Build Yourself is the third construct in the Three Pillars of Success.

Change is difficult, made even more difficult if we forget that the only thing we can really change is ourselves.  And that’s ok. It’s actually a good thing because we know that if we want to effect positive change, if we want to create something better or build something worthwhile, we have to start with ourselves — we have to become better.  When we get better, it improves everything we touch: our teams, our families, our communities, and so on and so forth.

GoMentum was created by Leaderclips, an organization dedicated to the proliferation of leadership education.  It’s no surprise, then, that GoMentum has ample opportunities to improve yourself built right right into the app.  Starting on the Build Yourself screen, the link to Today’s Micro Lesson is a one-minute streaming video clip from well known and respected leadership experts from a variety of fields.  These micro-lessons will appear every day and once they are watched they gone until the next day’s new lesson is available.

Leader Lessons, accessed from the main menu at the bottom of the app and designated by the Play button, are longer more in-depth video’s from the same pool of leadership guru’s except these are broken down into specific curriculum such as Discovering Your Why, Goal Setting and Leadership.  There are also lessons from Network Marketing Experts, tutorials on how to use GoMentum and even opportunities to customize the system by loading you own team-specific video’s.  Stay tuned for a future post specifically about Leader Lessons and how the patented micro-learning technology in GoMentum is the perfect platform for Building a better you.