How fast is fast?  It’s a relative term and when you deal in relatives, it’s often hard to zero in on the real objective.   The idea behind a Fast Start program is to get new business builders engaged in activity that will create the right environment for them to be successful – success being another relative because each person is different.  Some what part time income while others want to grow a large organization.  Great – both are right and that’s what’s nice about Network Marketing businesses is that you can do what’s right for you.

The system will tell you that you have 72 hours in which to complete the Fast Start training.   That clock will be there until you complete the training.  When you go away for a while, the system will prompt you to go back to Fast Start; when you log off and then back on the system will ask you if you want to go back to Fast Start.  The reason is statistics show that people who get off to a fast start build the necessary momentum so that they are more likely to succeed than those who take it slow and steady.  In Network Marketing, slow and steady doesn’t win the race if your objective is to build a business.  Take a look at the video below that talks about the Fast Start program in greater detail.   Thanks for your time and as always, please leave us any comments below.