The Mobile Solution

It’s finally here!  A mobile app created entirely for everyone who’s building a Direct Sales or Network Marketing Organization.

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Simple to use and understand

GoMentum was designed to be highly intuitive for all users

Available on iOS and Android

Available on both iOS and Android phones as well as iPad tablets

Powerful built in features

Built in Fast Start, DMO, Texting, Team Communications and more


Security and protection

The most current, state-of-the-art technology for data security

Customizable by Team

Many of the key features in GoMentum are customizable by team


Unparalleled Support

We deliver complete product and team implementation support

GoMentum Gives You The Power to Unify Your Team

Duplication Made Easy

GoMentum is designed for network marketing teams as a platform for creating duplication across any size team. Whether you already have a thriving business or you’re new to the game, GoMentum will unify your team by standardizing your Fast Start and your DMO, by providing a powerful broadcast messaging tool for communicating with every single member of your downline, by streaming Leadership education through our unique Micro Learning video delivery process, and a whole lot more.  And it’s all available on your mobile phone.

Four Key Elements


The first prerequisite for creating momentum is a standard getting started checklist that every new distributor follows to start their business quickly and properly.  Whenever a new distributor opens GoMentum, they will see Fast Start until they complete every step and request sponsor verification.


The second element of a system that duplicates is a simple daily method of operation that every member of the Team learns, executes and teaches. GoMentum’s DMO is based on 3 Pillars of Success: (1) Build Your Business; (2) Build The Team; and (3) Build Yourself.


Team Talk is a broadcast messaging system that allows you, with your inner circle, to create audio and video messages and deliver them to every member of your Team through their mobile device. When used properly Team Talk will keep your team informed, engaged and in synch.


No Team can achieve the state of momentum without developing a deep pool of leadership talent. Leader Lessons and Micro-Lessons are designed to complement the current leadership training you provide your team. They draw on expertise from business and other leadership experts.